If you opt for activities during your stay, there are some you can actually do:

  • Watching the traditional shadow puppet performances.
    Shadow Puppet show is one of the Balinese Traditional Performances which the guests often enjoy when they come to Bali. Now, when you stay at Oka Kartini you can directly watch it or even learn to perform it by yourselves. How interesting would that be to directly feel the real Bali by its art?
    Get the unforgettable experience of watching directly the Shadow Puppet show when you stay at Oka Kartini B & B, besides, this art performance is also open for public. Therefore, whoever can come and enjoy this traditional performance. Just make sure you check the schedule prior to the show which is only three times a week,Wednesday,Friday and Sunday starts at 8 pm.

  • Balinese Traditional Dancing Classes.
    Most of the guests who are coming to Bali also visiting some temples or palaces for watching some Balinese Traditional Dancing Performances which are well known throughout the world, now, when you stay at Oka Kartini B & B, you can also learn how to perform these dances by yourselves. We can provide this activity and there is a teacher to assist you to do every single movement.

  • Making the offerings.
    The Hindu offerings that you often see in every moment of ceremony, now you can also learn it by yourselves, how to cut the young coconut leaves, to attach and decorate, all by yourselves.

  • Cooking Class, where you will experience the truly authentic art of cooking the truly authentic Balinese and Indonesian meals. Facilitated by the experienced cooks, you will discover your great potential in combining the herbs, spices and other ingredients, know how to cook and serve it on its best presentable look. The cooks who will be your teacher will patiently teach, direct and supervise you the whole process of cooking from visiting the local traditional market to buy the ingredients, clean, cook until the final stage to present and serve it with your own style of garnishing for its best lavish and appetizing